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At CMV Txokolat, we bring to you chocolate  flavors out of the ordinary that promise to give you an experience where you “Taste the Unexpected”.

From 12 decadent chocolate praline flavors, to our very own vegan truffles, we promise there’s one for every occasion.

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Who We Are

Knowing one’s roots gives us a sense of belonging and provides us with an insight of where we came from. It gives one the connection to a certain set of social values, beliefs, customs, and provides an automatic sense of unity.

Our Story

CMV Txokolat began with the intent and promise to give its consumers a living culinary experience by pairing nostalgia and culture in beautifully handcrafted chocolate flavors that can rouse the senses and excite creativity. It focuses on using ingredients that capture and highlight the very essence of Filipino culture and history, bringing to the table a product of extraordinary fusion and indulgence.

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Our Special Chocolatier

The Head Chocolatier

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Christian Valdes has had a lifelong love for two things: chocolates and his Filipino heritage.

Valdes’ curiosity for chocolate began at a young age, growing up raiding his grandmother’s stash of imported chocolates at home while also living near See’s Candy Factory. With a ravenous appetite for the sweet concoction, he wanted to dive into the complexities of making them. Adding to that his growing interest to learn more about culture, he took the plunge after graduating high school and moved to the Philippines to learn more about his heritage.

Living in Manila and graduating from Enderun Colleges, he met a friend who taught him the basics of making chocolates. From there, Valdes taught himself the more complex process of the craft. Armed with techniques from various backgrounds in chocolate making and Filipino gastronomical ingenuity and imagination he began CMV Txokolat.

Since founding the brand in 2012, Valdes has devoted himself to making himself chocolates the best way he knew how: by hand. The results? Exquisitely handcrafted chocolates, featuring unique flavors that can only be described as truly Filipino.

As owner and head chocolatier, Valdes makes sure his creations highlight the flavors, aromas and traditions of his heritage, paving the way for CMV Txokolat to become one of the finest artisanal chocolate brands in the country.

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