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At CMV Txokolat, we bring to you chocolate  flavors out of the ordinary that promise to give you an experience where you “Taste the Unexpected”.

From 12 decadent chocolate praline flavors, to our very own vegan truffles, we promise there’s one for every occasion.

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What We Do

We’d love to be your go-to source for birthdays, recognitions and other celebrations around your office.


Corporate Gifts

CMV Txokolat’s B2B gift solution program provides artisanal, handcrafted chocolate made especially for corporate gifts. Whether you’re looking for a client incentive, a coworker holiday gift or a simple thank you to employees, our B2B solutions provide a delicious and decadent gift that clients, coworkers, and employees are sure to enjoy.


Corporate Catering

High-powered decisions require high-powered treats. Ordering one of our petite praline platters is a virtual guarantee that no one will miss the meeting.


Custom Creations

Some guests require an extra oomph factor to create a long-lasting impression of their stay and experience with your company. Since giving a gift means sharing a little bit of yourself, we can customize our charming works of art to your specific requirements. Let’s sit down and talk about how CMV Txokolat can add a sophisticated, unique and delectable taste to make your celebration even more unforgettable.


Weddings, Events, and Party Favors

Edible party favors are the ultimate crowd pleasers. Leave something on the table for your guests that is guaranteed to be taken or eaten by the end of your event.

Pomelo Chocolate Bars

Salt and Pepper

CMV Mango Cashew Chocolate Bars

Vegan Truffles

Sofia Strawberries

Sunrise Mangoes


Partner with Us!

With CMV, we take pride in giving a whole new understanding to whats possible with our chocolate flavors. We marry your vision with our expertise to give you unique experiences you won’t taste elsewhere.

If you’re looking to discover unexplored flavors, perhaps recreate a memory, or have customized branding and packaging, there’s no better partner than CMV Txokolat. As your one-stop shop for the perfect giveaway, we take pride in our hassle-free partnership process to make sure things run smoothly.

Nobody makes chocolates like us.
That’s just how we like it.


Brand Partnerships


Product Development


Gift Box Curation

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